Why Visualize products?

Whether you are attempting product design on your own, or leveraging the services of experienced design engineers, the importance of creating a mutual understanding of the product design, especially during the concept ideation phase of a project, can save significant time and expense by avoiding disconnects and misunderstandings regarding the products design, functionality or purpose.

Product visualization can be done in several ways, including 3D renderings, 2D design drawings, photo realistic renderings and even by video. Each options serves a specific purpose or is useful for different audiences. If a company is in need of showing some kind of visualization of a product during the concept stage in order to attract investors, photo realistic renderings will likely suffice for this requirement.

3D Marketing video for Miniature Den

How it helps in design phase?

Product visualization can also assist in product analysis. Before product visualization, the ability to estimate the performance of a product had to wait for the product, or a prototype of a product, to be created. Now, with product visualization, design engineers can assess the performance before the product even exists! Such assessment may lead to changes in design, better understanding of product performance, or could ultimately lead to the product never being manufactured if the assessment determines the functionality does not meet the expectation of the company. Imagine the time, energy and money saved by such efforts.

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